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        About us
         Chaozhou Cheung Hing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Caitang Town of Chaozhou City, was founded in 2003, covers an area of 44800 square meters, the company equipped with experienced switching power supply design team and experienced production management team, has all kinds of advanced automatic production line and testing equipment, power supply in many manufacturers in the first use of wave soldering and mechanical plug in technology; in providing quality products and services at the same time, the security industry is committed to manufacturing power adapter more safe and stable; the company predecessor is well-known Guangdong transformer manufacturer……

        電話:0768-5634245 5634525 免費服務熱線:400-100-3955 傳真:0768-5634615 E-mail:xiangxingfa@qq.com
        地址:廣東省潮州市潮安區彩塘鎮仙樂二村前洋工業區  粵ICP備17142844号  技術支持:易點通網絡